Self-clinching flush nuts install into stainless steel sheets

July 15, 2014

New PEMSERT® Type F4™ self-clinching flush nuts from PennEngineering® provide load-bearing threads in thin stainless sheets without creating any protrusions on either side. When the nuts are installed permanently into 300 series stainless steel sheets as thin as 0.060 in., both the top and bottom of the sheet remain flat. The nuts install flush before bending or forming operations begin, eliminating the risk of interference associated with protruding hardware.

To install, the user squeezes the nut into a round hole in a stainless sheet using sufficient force to embed the nut’s hexagonal head flush in the sheet. The metal displaced by the head then flows evenly around the back-tapered shank of the fastener to lock the nut permanently into place. Only a mating screw is required to complete the attachment process.

The flush nuts are made from 400 series stainless steel in thread sizes #2-56 through ¼-20 / M2 through M6.

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