Self-clinching threaded studs designed for thin metal assemblies

March 27, 2014

PennEngineering® offers PEM® self-clinching threaded studs for thin metal attachments. They are available in a variety of materials and lengths.

The product lineup includes flush-head studs for use in aluminum or steel sheets as thin as 0.040 in. and stainless versions offering corrosion resistance; low-displacement flush-head studs for close-to-edge installation; nonflush studs for sheets as thin as 0.020 in.; heavy-duty studs with heads that project above the thin host sheet to distribute axial tightening force; BUSBAR® studs for electrical/mechanical attachment points; high-tensile-strength studs made from heat-treated, medium carbon alloy steel; and concealed-head studs that leave the sheet opposite installation smooth and unmarred.

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