Self-locking nuts install close to edge in thin sheets

August 9, 2005

PEM® self-locking nuts from PennEngineering® enable permanent installation close to edges in metal sheets as thin as 0.036 in. (0.91 mm).

Available in thread sizes #4-40 and M3, the steel fasteners have reusable locking threads and are suitable for thin-metal assemblies in which hardware space is limited. Mating hardware completes final component attachment.

The fastener has an integrated nylon locking element to prevent mating threaded hardware from loosening, a rotation-resistant broaching knurl, and a shoulder that acts as a positive stop during installation.

Installation is accomplished by inserting the fastener into the mounting anvil hole, placing the mounting hole over the fastener shank, and with punch and anvil surfaces parallel, applying squeezing force until the shoulder contacts the sheet.

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