Servo-press workstations can be customized

September 11, 2007

Promess Inc. has introduced a line of customizable servo-press workstations, based on the company's electromechanical assembly press (EMAP), intelligent control, and sensor technologies integrated with Windows®-based, icon-driven software.

The EMAP comprises a ball screw driven by a servomotor and equipped with assorted force and position sensors. The unit provides precise monitoring and controls force and position during assembly and test operations. The EMAP, because it is servo-driven, allows operators to easily program the entire system online or offline and reconfigure it to accommodate various parts and operations, the company states. Data acquisition and part tracking are standard.

The workstations are available with standard press capacities from 40 kN to 120 kN, with 350-kN and 1-kN sizes available as special orders. Allowing both press-to-force/position and pull-to-force/position operations, the unit includes an electromechanical multiaxis controller (EMAC), which serves as a fully integrated, multiaxis motion controller and a data acquisition/analysis system that performs analytical functions using the company's software. A computer with monitor and keyboard is integrated into the unit to facilitate programming and operator input and to provide graphical displays of assembly and test results.

The EMAP and EMAC allow operators to monitor and control the dynamics of an assembly or test operation in real time using signature analysis technology. The system records the force/position signature of an accepted process, comparing subsequent operations to it.

Applications for the workstation include assembly and testing of springs, check valves, antilock brake components, shock absorbers, oxygen sensors, and fluid measurements.

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