Standard pin clamp enhanced

August 7, 2007

Humphrey Products Co., working with Japanese partner Koganei, has added a vanadium carbide coating to the pin on its standard pin clamp and redesigned the power lock cylinder.

The company applied the vanadium carbide coating to increase hardness and wear resistance. It is less damaging to parts and less likely to break, the company reports.

The power lock cylinder—spring-actuated to close and air-driven to open—has more power and holding force than before. The clamp's air port is internal to the actuator to eliminate the need for an extra valve to release the lock. The spring-actuated-close function is designed to hold parts in the clamped position if a power failure occurs. A load-check mechanism with a switch, intended to eliminate the need for external sensing devices, confirms the panel is present on the actuator.

Available with bore sizes from 0.787 in. to 2.480 in. and pin diameters from 0.216 in. to 2.354 in., the pin clamps are suitable for applications requiring two parts to be held together in alignment during assembly.