Taps designed for threading of stainless steels, high-strength alloys

June 17, 2014

Emuge Corp. has introduced Z-taps, a line of taps designed for use on stainless steels, high-strength alloys, tool steels, and cast steels.

The taps are engineered with an advanced chamfer geometry and rake/flute form, states the company. GLT-1, a newly developed multilayered coating, produces a consistent, controllable chip formation that is released smoothly for chip removal. The coating is structured with an outer antifriction layer and made for heat resistance. These elements combine to produce wear resistance and sliding properties.

The taps feature more flutes and a shortened thread section to help reduce friction. Reduced cutting torque decreases the occurrence of tap breakage and enables high cutting speeds.

The taps are available in through-hole and blind-hole designs for thread lengths up to 3xD. Blind-hole taps offer two chamfer designs: a full bottoming (1.5 to 2 threads) and a modified bottoming (2 to 3 threads).