Vacuum lifter operable from any overhead hoist

October 14, 2008

Anver Corp. manufactures a compact, air-powered vacuum lifter that can be operated from any overhead hoist and features an adjustable pad attachment for lifting and installing heavy parts.

The VPFL4 series lifter runs on 72- to 90-PSI dry, clean shop air; can be operated from any overhead hoist; and has a large, ergonomic handle for lifting loads up to 1,500 lbs. The pad attachment provides an adjustable vertical reach of 12 in. to 18 in. The lifter allows users to lift heavy components from the top and install them into frames, chassis, and other assemblies at a predetermined depth.

Providing a way to eliminate hooks and slings, the lifter requires 8 in. of head room. It is quipped with two snap-on, sealing-ring suction cups that can be changed quickly, the manufacturer states.

Standard features include a vacuum attach-and-release slide control valve, an air filter, a vacuum check valve, a leakage sensor, and an audiovisual alarm.

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