Workstation combines multiple assembly operations

July 28, 2014

The Creform® Corp. has developed a new workstation that combines multiple assembly operations into single units, eliminating unnecessary steps for assemblers.

The system includes individual workstations that are serviced by material handlers. They are built so each assembler has everything within reach. Made of Creform plastic-coated steel pipe and metal joints, they can be customized or modified to individual needs if required. They have a 700-lb. capacity, average dimensions of 48 by 83 by 61 in., and a plastic work surface across the front.

Kitted components are presented in the large totes on the skatewheel conveyors located at the lower right. Finished assembled products are placed in the upper tote for retrieval. Various small components, fasteners, and parts are presented FIFO using the small totes on the two-level, L-shaped slide pipe flow rack located on the left side. The severe angle of these enhances visibility and physical access to the components in these totes. The two return levels above permit empty totes to be serviced.