Automated welding tractors travel at 6 to 47 IPM

March 5, 2010

Miggytrac automated tractors from ESAB Welding & Cutting Products are compact, motorized tractors that attach to the company's welding torches to provide stable movement for welding.

The 1001 model features a remote control panel with start/stop, travel direction, wire feed speed, and voltage functions. The tractor travels at 6 to 47 IPM.

The 2000 model is suitable for long welds and eliminates stressful welding positions for the welder. A magnet helps to hold the tractor in the correct position on the workpiece, even if the workpiece is bent or angled. The tractor can be programmed for intermittent welding and features a backfill function for crater filling at the end of the weld. Travel speed can reach 98 IPM.

The 3000 model features an integrated wire feed and water-cooled welding torch and is designed for horizontal mechanized GMAW of plates and beams. The four-wheel-drive carriage can travel diagonally toward the flange or stiffener to be welded. Programmable features include intermittent welding, wire feed speed, gas preflow, gas postflow, and burnback. Travel speed is up to 98 IPM.