Coil end welding machine accommodates strip widths 0.250 to 3 in., thicknesses up to 0.060 in.

July 14, 2009

Guild Intl. has developed a welding machine for joining coil ends on production lines producing cored wire. The HMA Welder produces complete edge-to-edge welds on all types of lines producing cored wire from flat strip. It accommodates strip widths from 0.250 to 3 in. and thicknesses from 0.008 up to 0.060 in.

A shear cuts the coil ends on a bias to create an edge for welding. The weld station is designed to use start and stop tabs, allowing the weld to cover the entire strip width. This allows the weld to pass through the line and remain in the wire.

The machine also features swing weld clamps for simplified viewing, an XY micrometer slide for torch adjustment, and an optional roll planisher.

The entire weld process takes about one to two minutes, depending on the size of the material. The unit is portable and compact, allowing it to be rolled between different lines.

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