Collision sensor has increased sensitivity

January 9, 2007

The SR-61 collision sensor from ATI Industrial Automation has a lower operating range for increased sensitivity in applications using 3 kW to 5 kW capacity robots and is designed to prevent damage to robotic end-effectors caused by robot crashes.

The patented, resettable sensor is designed to absorb the crash and reset itself. Features intended to help minimize downtime and eliminate damage are rotational and axial motion, high repeatability, energy absorption, sturdy design, consistent breakaway points, automatic reset, dynamically variable trip points, and quick-response crash detection.

In operation the sensor is adjusted to support typical loads experienced by the robot arm in all directions: angular, compression, and torsional. During the collision, the sensor can comply large distances in response to any type of displacement force, giving the robot controller ample time to take corrective action. Following the crash, the sensor uses precise locating components to reset within 0.001 in. of its original position.

Breakaway points are set at a given pressure independent of angular, compressive axial, or torsional load. The sensor has flexible mounting surfaces, either easy-to-use threaded or through-hole patterns, that reduce tooling and sensor assembly stack height. A three-wire PNP proximity switch set to actuate within 0.020 in. of axial motion ensures reliable switch performance even in highly humid environments.

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