Compact robotic welding cell requires only 32.8 sq. ft. of floor space

October 7, 2011

Reis Robotics offers the RV10-6 compact robotic welding cell. The movable, enclosed cell includes the robot, a high-capacity RobotStarV control, and two freely programmable additional axes. All supply, exhaust, and safety requirements are integrated within the cell. Its floor space requirement is 32.8 sq. ft.

The six-axis, vertical-articulated-arm robot can be arranged upright or suspended overhead. Designed for complex path tasks, the robot has a payload capacity of 13.23 lbs. and repeatability of 0.002 in.

The manual rotary table is equipped with two mounted head- and tailstock turning devices with a distance between tips of 47.24 in. and a payload of 220.46 lbs. With these head- and tailstock turning devices, users can position the components to the robot in an optimum manner and can control them separately as seventh and eighth external robot axes.

While the robot is welding workpieces in one station, finished parts can be unloaded at the other station, and new raw parts can be loaded. The installation also offers the possibility to weld different components in alternating stations.