Controller lets operator work up damaged dies safely

July 30, 2012

Controller lets operator work up damaged dies safely -

Reis Robotics offers the SafetyController, which allows the operator to check and control complicated welding tasks (such as automatic buildup welding of worn-out forging and rolling tools) without danger. The welding cell combines a robot-supported process with the individual adaptation by the operator.

According to the company, the robot can manufacture perfect end faces with constant, concentric circles, even for complex weld geometries.

The RobotStar flexible robot control allows each unique specimen to be treated individually. IntegratedSafety, a freely programmable safety PLC, operates in the SafetyController to protect people in the robot work envelope. It monitors the correct functioning of the robot and its control. The axis positions are detected in two channels. When it detects deviations from the nominal value, it automatically shuts off the equipment.

The robot moves at a reduced speed of 9.84 IPS at the tool flange when an operator is present in the welding cell. Thus, the operator can enter the work envelope at any time without danger to watch the progress of the process. The operator can stop the robot any time via an emergency switch.

The required weld geometries are programmed with the company's RobOffice and simulated using its ProSim software. During operation, the operator can adjust the weld parameters.