Cutting gantry control for retrofit controls up to 12 stations

November 10, 2011

ESAB Cutting Systems has introduced the Vision T5c control for retrofit onto cutting gantries. This updated version of the company's Vision T5 CNC is repackaged for quick installation in place of existing Vision controls on ESAB cutting gantries.

The new control features an 18.5-in., wide-format touchscreen with controls positioned for simplified access. Up/down toggle switches provide intuitive operation of station lifters, which can be added or serviced in the field. Dual USB ports are positioned to help prevent interference with the operator.

The touchable GUI keeps important information visible at all times. The Operating Wizard guides the operator with step-by-step instructions and simple prompts with limited choices that lead from file selection to starting the cut. The system includes steps for torch setup and machine positioning. The built-in shape library simplifies part programming of complex shapes and maximizes cut quality on small holes and inner contours, the manufacturer reports.

The unit controls from one to 12 stations without additional panels and controls numerous axes for variable beveling and rotating tools. Automatic machine referencing simplifies machine start-up.