Gas blends formulated for robotic, fixed automation, high-speed welding

July 11, 2006

RoboStar® shielding gases from Praxair Distribution Inc. are a family of gas blends specifically formulated for robotic welding equipment, as well as fixed automation and high-speed welding applications.

The CS blend combines argon, carbon dioxide, and oxygen to perform in all types of metal transfer while producing good arc characteristics and weld penetration, with minimum spatter regardless of the weld position.

The AL blend is designed for all-position welding of aluminum using 4000 and 5000 series filler wire. This argon/helium mix is suitable for both conventional and pulsed spray transfer and CV or CC power.

The SS blend is an argon/helium mix with controlled additions of carbon dioxide. When used with austenitic stainless steel consumables, the gas produces quality welds with good mechanical and chemical properties in every welding position, the company reports.

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