Interchangeable gripping tools add flexibility to electropneumatic loading/unloading system

September 4, 2014

Astes4 Sort (A4S) is a patented, automatic system for electropneumatic loading and unloading for use with laser, waterjet, gas, and plasma cutting systems. Complex and bulky items can be picked using two synchronized grippers that are programmed to keep the items in the proper position for unloading and stacking independent of cutting nesting layout.

The selection of tools for the item’s points of pickup and place in the storage area is fully automated. However, the user can still access and modify this data to suit specific manufacturing requirements, using simple management SW HMI.

A software program controls the geometric complexity, weight, and thickness of the workpieces. This helps ensure all laser-cut parts are removed from the frame. Using electropneumatic picking, the interchangeable gripping tools provide flexibility to unload and stack a variety of workpieces.