Keyswitch module enhances safety gate switches

June 13, 2006

Fortress Interlocks has introduced an option pod with keyswitch for its amGard modular safety gate switches, which helps to ensure that an operator can enter a hazardous area only when it is safe.

The switches combine both trapped key and gate switch technology to control access to equipment protected by safety guarding. Removal of the key from the pod selects machine stop at the end of a run down cycle. When the solenoid within the connected gate switch has been energized, access is granted. The safety key is taken into the hazardous area to prevent restart.

A robot's teach mode can be initiated by insertion of the key into a second pod inside the guarded area. This overrides the circuits that operate the robot and enables the separate circuits that allow safe teaching. Reverse robot or machine start is possible only when the key is released from the programming pod, the door safely closed, and the key inserted into the pod onto the guarding door.

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