Laser robot's integrated beam guidance increases laser capacity

October 30, 2012

Reis Robotics has introduced the new, six-axis laser robot type RV60-26-FT (fiber transfer). It delivers a capacity up to 20 kW, long reach, high handling weights for different welding optics, and powerful beam guidance and optic systems, the company states.

In the redesigned hand axis, the laser beam can be set and aligned with additional adjusting features. All optical components in the hand axis are continuously water-cooled for high capacities and long duty cycles. The protected fiber-optic cables are in the arm structure of the robot. This keeps the fiber supply from forming an interfering edge that would restrict the robot’s work envelope.

The robot's sixth axis allows filler wire, sensors, and process gases to turn around the laser point. This results in greater accessibility to the component and processing of complex contours that often are not feasible with conventional robot systems, the manufacturer reports.