Micro robotic tool changer provides flexibility for extremely light payloads

January 29, 2014

The QC-001 micro robotic tool changer from ATI Industrial Automation is suitable for high-speed "spider" or parallel-link robots. The compact, 4.3-oz. tool changer allows for multiple assembly, dispensing, sorting, and material handling operations to be performed by one robot.

The tool changer can change end effectors and other peripheral tooling automatically. It is designed to function for millions of cycles at rated loads while maintaining high repeatability, the company states. Several models are available to cover a variety of applications, from very small to extremely heavy payloads.

The unit, which handles payloads of up to 3 lbs., features integrated pneumatic ports and electrical connections. Additional features include a patented fail-safe locking mechanism to ensure high-moment capacity and strength; a common lock/unlock air supply and a lock/unlock sensing method; four M5 pass-through air connections; eight 3A/50VAC electrical connections; and a stack height of 0.67 in.

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