Packing robot features 110.3-lb. payload, 360-degree work envelope

July 14, 2009

Motoman's four-axis MPK50 robot with DX100 controller for packing applications features a 110.3-lb. payload and a 360-degree work envelope. A slim manipulator design enables it to reach into confined spaces.

The robot is floor-mounted and has a 65.7-in. vertical reach, 78.6-in. horizontal reach, and &#plusmn;0.02-in. repeatability. The 39.9-in.-wide robot has a minimal interference radius that allows it to work in close proximity with conveyors and other equipment. An existing internal pathway (from the robot base to the wrist) facilitates addition of a fieldbus cable for DeviceNet gripper control.

The robot arm is rated IP54 with an IP67 wrist; an IP65-rated body is available as an option. An optional vision system allows the robot to handle a variety of randomly oriented product.

The controller performs multiple tasks and controls up to eight robots (72 axes), I/O devices, and communication protocols. It uses a Windows® CE programming pendant with color touchscreen.

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