Power sources, weld heads introduced

October 1, 2013

Arc Machines Inc. has introduced several new products for automated orbital welding.

The company has released enhanced versions of its M415 and M205 power supplies, which have been equipped with an optional welding data recording (WDR) feature to register digitally each weld as it is produced, as well as a new remote operator pendant. The compact, portable M327 power supply also features WDR technology, a PC-based flat screen, and a remote pendant. The M217 power source, fitted with WDR and a touchscreen, has been designed for tube and tube-to-tube-sheet welding.

The firm also has introduced two new weld heads. The lightweight, heavy-duty M62 is an advanced version of the M52 narrow-groove model. It can weld pipes up to 11.81 in. thick. The M88 ultralow-profile (ULP) pipe weld head is designed for use in narrow and difficult-to-reach places.

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