Product lets welders hand-guide robotic welding machine

October 11, 2013

Product lets welders hand-guide robotic welding machine -

Robotiq, in partnership with Yaskawa Motoman, has released Kinetiq Teaching™, a new product that allows operators to task robotic welding machines without requiring in-depth programming knowledge.

The product enables operators to move the robotic welding machine with their hands and program welding paths intuitively by using a dedicated teach pendant interface. No in-depth programming knowledge is required. According to the company, the product opens the door to robotic welding at small and medium-sized manufacturers with high-mix and low-volume welding.

Once the welding point is reached, the welder determines the welding parameters through a touchscreen interface. Once all the points are recorded, the welder can play back the programmed trajectory and modify it on-the-fly.

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