Robot's curved upper arm handles variety of applications

January 14, 2014

Robot curved upper arm

The new 6-axis MH12 robot from Yaskawa Motoman is suitable for assembly, dispensing, material handling, machine tending, and packaging applications. Its new curved upper arm allows a reach of 56.7 in. The patented double-yoke design also offers additional strength if the robot crashes because of a programming error.

Through-arm cable routing provides long cable life and reduces the risks of snagging or interference. The work envelope extends behind the robot, permitting space for robot tool storage or maintenance. With a 26.5-lb. payload, it has brakes on all axes and can be mounted on the floor or wall.

The small interference radius allows the robot to be placed close to other equipment. A mounting surface is provided on the back of the upper arm for junction boxes or pneumatics. Mounting in this area gives the robot a lower profile to prevent interferences within the cell.

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