Robotic bending cell offers midlevel automation

June 17, 2008

LVD Strippit has introduced RoboCell, a bending cell capable of robotic bending and stand-alone operation.

The cell offers midlevel automation, combining an LVD Strippit PPEB or Easy-Form® series CNC press brake with a multiaxis Kuka robot to handle small to medium-sized components in capacities from 80 to 110 tons' bending force and 8.20- or 9.84-ft. table configurations.

Loading, forming, and stacking of finished parts are automatic. All functions of the robot and press brake are controlled through instructions from an integrated, offline programming software program.


The patented Easy-Form® laser system tracks the part during the bending process, providing real-time angle measurements, compensating for material variations and ensuring that every part is a good part. In addition to the robot and press brake, the cell includes hardware for all part handling requirements in the automated bending process.

The cell is equipped with the company's CADMAN® Touch intuitive touchscreen control system. Robot programs, simulation, and gripper configurations are calculated offline by the CADMAN B – 3D programming software and Kuka Sim software.

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