Robotic collision sensor designed for small payloads

September 17, 2013

Robotic collision sensor designed for small payloads -

The SR-48 robotic collision sensor from ATI Industrial Automation has a lower operating range than its SR-61 model, making it suitable for smaller payloads. The patented, resettable sensor is designed to absorb the crash and reset itself, nearly eliminating tool damage, downtime, and the need for human intervention. It can be used in a variety of applications, including arc welding.

Features include flexible mounting surfaces, automatic reset, adjustable sensitivity, and large moment and torsional rotation. An optional spring provides two trip points.

In operation, the sensor is adjusted to support typical loads the robot arm experiences in all directions: angular, compression, and torsional. During the collision, the sensor can respond to any type of displacement force, with ample time to take corrective action. Following the crash, it uses locating components to reset within 0.001 in. of its original position.

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