Robotic safety mount useful for applications that integrate crash protection with software

January 13, 2009

The ArcSafe™-SW robotic safety mount from American Weldquip is designed for use in applications in which crash protection is integrated into the robotic software package.

Most integrated robotic collision detection software systems take time to come to a complete stop, especially with high-speed movements. The robotic safety mount has a built-in spring deflection feature that allows it to deflect the end-of-arm equipment in the event of a crash. This safeguard provides the extra protection required to reduce or eliminate bent goosenecks, cracked insulating disks, and damaged tooling.

The safety mount resets to +0.001 in. and provides added protection in Mx, My, Mz, and Fz directions over solid mount designs. It features hardened tool steel in contact and wear points. Installation requires just four screws and an Allen key wrench. A protective seal boot keeps weld spatter out of mounting screws and other critical areas.

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