Robotic system fully integrated for internal charge waterborne painting

May 13, 2014

ABB has introduced the Compact CBS II robotic cartridge bell paint system. The fully integrated robotic system for internal charge waterborne painting reduces color change time as much as 50 percent when compared with other systems, the company says.

The parallel processing — cleaning and filling one cartridge while painting with the other — can be custom-tuned per color to help minimize material waste during color change. Color change occurs in less than 10 seconds.

Servomotor drive units for vertical and horizontal cartridge handling motion enable precise angular positioning and process control. The new drives can be integrated into existing installations.

The system has been outfitted with dual dosing control units (DCUs) for precision filling and dosing of paint material from the paint cartridge. The second DCU eliminates the need for a flowmeter because of its positive-displacement characteristics.

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