Robotic torches come with options for automated welding

November 20, 2013

Robotic torches come with options for automated welding -

Lincoln Electric says its expanded line of Magnum® PRO robotic torches provides consistent arc and simplified maintenance in automated GMAW, pulsed GMAW, and FCAW. The guns are suitable for industrial fabrication, heavy equipment, and automotive manufacturing applications.

The Air Blast feature introduces a pulse of high-pressure shielding gas to dislodge spatter and other foreign materials at the nozzle. The Wire Brake feature uses a pneumatic clamp to hold the wire in place as the robot changes positions, maintaining stickout. Models available with the Ready-Pak® option come prepackaged with a gun tube, liner, and expendables.

The guns are air-cooled and rated at 550 amps at 100 percent duty cycle. They feature single tool center points (TCP), robust cable systems, simplified expendable parts selection, HexConnect™ gun bushing for electrical conductivity through full-face contact, and an extended-reach mounting bracket for tough-to-reach welding applications.

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