Slim, dual-arm robot handles heavy, unwieldy parts, trays, or pallets

October 13, 2009

Motoman's new SDA10D robot has two robot arms that can work together on one task to double the payload or handle heavy, unwieldy parts, trays, or pallets. According to the company, the robot can perform assembly, handling, machine tending, packaging, and part transfer applications that formerly could be done only by people.

The ability to use dual independent arms to process parts reduces the need for custom fixturing and allows end-of-arm tooling to be simple. The robot can hold a part with one arm while performing operations on the part with the other arm, and it can transfer a part from one arm to the other with no need to set the part down.

The robot has a 22.1-lb. payload per arm, a 28.3-in. horizontal reach, and a 56.7-in. vertical reach per arm. Repeatability is ±0.004 in.

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