System tends machine tools with vision-guided robotics

August 21, 2014

ABB Robotics has introduced the FlexMT™, a flexible, pre-engineered system designed to load and unload machine tools using vision-guided robotics. Designed for small-batch and high-volume production, the system increases spindle utilization by up to 60 percent over manual machine tending, according to the manufacturer.

The system can handle most part sizes and is compatible with such machine tools as horizontal and vertical lathes, machining centers, 5-axis machines, and grinders. It comes equipped with a two- or three-finger gripper, an infeed conveyor, and an outfeed conveyor. Standard plug-and-play options include two separate deburring tools, a regrip table, a needle marking unit, a turn station, and an air cleaning box.

The turnkey automation system comes with a robot controller inside its fully integrated control cabinet.

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