Transfer system adds to high-speed press automation

January 9, 2014

ABB Robotics has introduced the Twin Robot Xbar (TRX), a robot-based system for loading and unloading presses without the need for press modification. Output is rated up to 16 parts/min. for big panels in tandem press lines. The system can be retrofitted to existing press lines.

Using two robots distributes the total power and load while helping to minimize the inertia in press automation applications. With the manufacturer's MultiMove™ technology, a single robot cabinet controls all 10 TRX axes, comprising two 4-axis robots plus two crossbar axes. The system can accommodate a variety of crossbar types and lengths to help ensure the right fit for different line configurations. Crossbar changes for new production have been automated on the press bolster or at the interpress.

The system can tilt in three different axes and allows dynamic reconfiguration of part distance when moving double parts (side-shifting), eliminating the need for additional actuators. It runs on StampWare, a proprietary software package designed to facilitate interaction between operator and press cell. It includes a graphical programming wizard that helps operators program the robots without having to master the programming language.

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