Welding cell line expanded

January 15, 2008

Panasonic Factory Solutions Co. of America has expanded its line of pre-engineered PerformArc welding cells with the addition of the PA-55. According to the company, the system typically produces as much as three manual welders while delivering consistent weld quality.

Its small footprint allows placement in tight spaces. The system can accept a payload of up to 250 lbs. per side and welds typical part sizes such as 12 by 53 in., 18 by 45 in., and 24 by 30 in. A platen design provides repeatable fixture locating when multiple fixtures are to be exchanged on the same workcell.

The cell comes prewired and preassembled with a six-axis robot, an inverter welder with artificially intelligent waveform control, and a torch. Full system controls, diagnostics, and programming capabilities are managed by the color teach pendant running Windows CE.