Welding robot controls 40 axes

August 7, 2007

The ARC Mate 100iC intelligent welding robot from FANUC Robotics America Inc. has a built-in iRVision package and a compact design.

The six-axis robot's internal routing allows the dress package to follow the motion range of the robot and eliminates bent, snagged, and broken cables. The robot and R-30iA controller can be integrated in a welding system that includes a weld torch cable, wire feeder, and welding power supply. Designed to control 40 axes (four robots and other equipment), the controller uses high-performance hardware, the iRvision package, and motion-control functions.

According to the company, the robot's ArcLink XT™ is the industry's first Ethernet-based welding network. Developed in partnership with Lincoln Electric, the network interfaces with the welding machine via the standard R-30iA Ethernet connection.

A ROBOGUIDE-WeldPRO simulation package models the robot dress-out and downloads programs that run without touchup. Vision shift is designed to eliminate touchups and verifications associated with offline programming or fixture and tool changes. Collision guard detects robot collisions with external objects, minimizing damage to the part, robot, and torch.

The robot's features and enhancements over the company's previous model include an inherently rigid, cantilevered forearm designed for simplified cable management and maintenance; an integrated wire-feed control cable with shielding gas hose and welding power cables; a 15 percent higher acceleration; a 10-kg payload that supports traditional welding dress-out packages; a slimmer forearm and 15 percent size reduction of the robot base to maximize reach and allow users to install multiple robots in close proximity; multiple mounting positions, including floor, invert, and angle; and a higher motion range.

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