Welding robot offers improved welding speed

December 4, 2013

Welding robot offers improved welding speed - TheFabricator.com

Yaskawa Motoman offers the new 6-axis MA1440 arc welding robot, which features a 6-kg payload. The wrist hole is 23 percent larger than the MA1400 model, and the robot is up to 15 percent faster.

A new contoured arm structure reduces interference by enlarging the close-range motion area of the robot, making it suitable for welding large workpieces and reaching over jigs. The upper arm shape also provides an improved mounting area that allows more room for the feeder. Available in floor-, wall-, or ceiling-mounted configurations and suitable for high-density layouts, the space-saving robot features Sigma-5 motor control technology.

The robot has 56.7-in. horizontal reach, 98.9-in. vertical reach, and ±0.003-in. repeatability. Its integrated through-the-arm torch cabling eliminates cable interference. The enlarged 1.97-in. through-hole can allow signal cables for sensors, higher-current cables, and water-cooling lines.

Motorized torches and cameras can be mounted on the wrist for welding applications. A material handling version of the robot with a 12-kg payload is available (MH12).

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