Welding system software features updated graphical interface

October 13, 2009

Swagelok Co. has released new software for its Swagelok® welding system M200 power supply to help deliver increased performance in an updated graphical interface.

The portable power supply weighs less than 50 lbs. and has a 200-amp capability for orbital welding. A high-resolution, 12.1-in. color industrial touchscreen gives users a pathway to enter weld programs.

The streamlined display includes an improved weld head graphic, which presents weld progress in greater detail to help operators evaluate the weld. The graphic shows progression, performance levels, and stop/start for each level of the weld in real time. If the weld deviates from the selected weld schedule, those points are marked on the graphic with an indicator so that the operator can evaluate after the weld is complete.

The software also includes a new tacking method to help ensure proper alignment of the workpieces before beginning the full weld. The new method stabilizes the workpieces during tacking to circumvent separation. The tack placement can be seen on the weld head graphic.

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