Welding torch designed for one or two wire electrodes, joining processes

May 27, 2014

The Wire Select torch system from SKS North America allows welding with two different filler materials on the same component in one pass and one setting. It also allows joining with two different arc-based processes, such as welding or soldering.

The system serves as an alternative to systems that rely on the change of the torch or a second welding robot. Developed largely from standard components, the system’s proprietary feature is the Y-shaped torch body.

Automatic wire change takes place in four steps — cut, retract, feed, and cut — in a matter of minutes, the manufacturer reports. For each wire electrode, different gas types can be selected depending on the process and material. The standard torch neck helps ensure good accessibility to the welding joint.

The weld package is characterized by two hardware components: the Y-shaped torch body mounted on the power clutch collision protection, and a second standard wire feed unit including a torch cable. Another feature is the separate wire cutter. Users can choose their power source and controller from the manufacturer’s modular standard program.