All-electric tube bender holds up to eight tool sets

January 31, 2011

All-electric tube bender holds up to eight tool sets -

The ELECT XL™ all-electric, 12-axis tube bending machine from BLM Group USA is designed to bend tubes up to 6 in. in diameter.

The multistack bender holds up to eight tool sets, permitting rapid processing of complex parts and quick changeover, according to the manufacturer. It can be converted into right-hand or left-hand configurations and features both fixed- and variable-radius bending.

Critical machine settings such as clamping, pressure die, and mandrel are established automatically by the VGP3D graphical programming software and managed by the CNC. When the user inputs the component's bend coordinates, the software can provide real-time simulation of the bending operation and correct for possible collision points automatically. The software also permits offline programming.

Electric drivers allow the production of very tight radii and complex shapes with guaranteed repeatability, states the company. Hydraulic devices such as fittings, tubes, cylinders, and valves are eliminated. The fully digital connections of the motors allow users to obtain diagnostic information about each machine component.

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