Auto tool changing press brake line expanded with 220-ton model

May 1, 2013

LVD Strippit has expanded its ToolCell press brake line with the introduction of a larger-capacity, 220-ton model featuring a bend length configuration of 160 in.

The hydraulic press brake features an integrated tool changer unit to help reduce setup time in small- to medium-batch production. Tooling is housed within the machine and placed automatically, eliminating manual tooling adjustments. While the operator is preparing parts for the next job, the machine automatically unloads the previous tool setup and loads the next setup.

The new 220/40 model holds up to two complete lengths of self-seating punches and five complete lengths of V dies. The tooling stadium can be equipped with a flexible tooling configuration to suit specific application requirements.

The machine features the manufacturer's patented Easy-Form® laser in-process angle monitoring and correction technology to help ensure consistency from the first to the last part.

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