Double-pinch ring rollers have heavy-duty structure, reinforced engineered mainframe design

February 10, 2009

CML USA Ercolina® has introduced two new double-pinch ring rollers. The forged roll shafts are precision-ground and -fitted. The rollers feature heavy-duty structure and rigid components, as well as a reinforced engineered mainframe design.

Dual-axis movement helps reduce tag end length material scrap. Simultaneous downfeed and roll movement helps to minimize deformation. The touchscreen control is programmable and shows digital center readouts of each shaft position. The memory stores multiple programs and unlimited passes.

Each machine includes a universal tooling set. The roll shafts are threaded with micrometric flange adjustment to help eliminate spacer usage. Individual drive motors are provided for each shaft with auto speed compensation. A three-axis hydraulic anti-twist system is available as an option.

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