Freeform bending process handles large radii

June 6, 2013

Freeform bending process handles large radii -

Schwarze-Robitec has developed a freeform bending concept for all-electric tube bending machines in the CNC 40 E TB MR to CNC 160 E TB MR series. The technology allows the creation of large bending radii and variable-radius paths on tubes and profiles.

The system achieves high repeat accuracy while supporting the combination of freeform and mandrel bending in one clamping operation. The technology helps increase precision when bending large radii of 6xD. It allows very high bending speeds and reduced setup times, which help to accelerate production by up to five times, sometimes 10, according to the manufacturer.

The bending radii are created with independently mounted rollers. The desired bending radius is defined by the feed angle of a reshaping roller. As such, very large radii and complex radius paths can be created with bending radii of varying sizes.

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