Mid-range press brakes introduced

September 9, 2009

LVD Strippit has introduced its PPEC press brakes designed as a mid-range bending system less challenging forming applications.

The press brakes, which include the PPEC-6 and PPEC-7 models, provide capacities from 80 tons, 2 meters up to 220 tons, 4.2 meters with four to seven CNC controlled axes, depending upon machine model.

The brakes have a rugged, welded one-piece frame machined without repositioning. Hydraulic cylinders are machined from a solid steel billet. Pistons are steel forgings, precision ground and micropolished.

Microprocessor Technology is linked to servo-controlled state-of-the-art hydraulics and electronics to ensure precise control of the bending process and optimum precision. Double bed referenced encoders are connected to the bed in such a way that deformation of the side frames during bending does not influence the positioning accuracy of 0.01 mm of the upper beam (Y1-Y2).

The PPEC's two-axis backgauge allows depth (X-axis) and height (R-axis) positioning of the two standard backgauge fingers. PPEC-6 and PPEC-7 models offer the additional flexibility of Z1 and Z2 motorized backgauge movement. The standard PPEC backgauge fingers allow gauging to 39.4 in. (1,000 mm) and also serve as material supports. PPEC-4 and PPEC-5 models can be fitted with an additional third finger support, which is suitable for bending channels.

A V-axis crowning system fitted to PPEC-5 and PPEC-7 models ensures parallel and consistent bending results on longer bending length over the different tonnage levels.

All new PPEC press brakes are equipped with the company's CADMAN® Lite control. Based on the same platform as the full-featured CADMAN® Touch control, CADMAN Lite offers a number of the same key features, including 2-D graphic programming with automatic collision detection, direct angle or Quick Bend programming, and connection with the company's CADMAN-B offline programming software.

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