Noncontact tube measuring, inspection system developed

July 10, 2007

AddisonMckee has developed AddiCheck, a noncontact tube measuring and inspection system. The software is suitable for midmarket tube-manipulation companies.

The system includes a portable workbench, an optical probe attached to a recently designed five-axis digitally encoded measuring arm, a laptop computer with simplified software, and an optional printer. Designed for direct interface with the company's DataBend and PowerBend CNC tube bending machines, the system also provides necessary coordinate data for non-CNC machine setup.

When measuring a component, the operator places the part on the portable workbench, enters relevant data, and uses the noncontact probe to measure probing locations for two points between bends on each straight section. Users can measure from either end of a bend—the system automatically reverses the ends if required. Operators complete the process by sweeping the probe into areas adjacent to each bend tangent or end point, from one straight to the next, stopping only to measure ends or shallow bends. The machine provides an audible tone at the completion of each step.

A best-fit routine is utilized in which the tube is measured against a set of data. The relationship between bender moves Y, B, C and the X, Y, Z coordinates is nonlinear; a change in bending moves does not have a direct effect leading to a specific X, Y, Z deviation.

With the optional printer, operators can produce a report of end lengths and angles with X, Y, Z/Y, B, C data. A longer report documenting deviations of tangent points and deviation in length, angle, and rotation can also be printed. The system records part number, time, and date on both reports.

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