Pipe bending/forming system suitable for tight pipe coils

May 21, 2014

transfluid® Maschinenbau GmbH has incorporated its right-hand/left-hand bending machines into a system designed specifically for tightly coiled pipes. The system eliminates cross-section loss and burrs.

A robot places coiled material into a measuring device that enters the coil’s exact diameter and length and defines the orientation and position of its outlets. The machine then positions the component in accordance with the measured data and bends the pipe ends with an ovality of less than 5 percent. The precisely positioned outlets can be installed directly in the boiler.

After bending, the pipe coil is moved into a fully automated processing system that cuts the ends without burrs and axially forms a cone. A frontal sealing surface for flat-sealing elements is attached as a conical thread cut. This combination makes it possible for the system to seal both frontally and on the threads.

The system supports the burr-free processing of very thin-walled pipe.

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