Portable tube bender designed for prototype, small-lot production

June 13, 2006

The universal S1099C portable tube bender from Lomar Machine & Tool Co. provides accurate and repeatable bent tubes for prototype and small-lot production applications.

The unit occupies a 30-in.-wide by 48-in.-long footprint and is 48 in high. It bends up to in.-OD by 0.049-in.-wall tubing with a 180 maximum degree of bend. Maximum bend radius is 4 in. with a bending arm speed of 45 degrees per second.

The unit has a reinforced square tube frame and is equipped with a 1-HP, 1.5-GPM hydraulic system. The controller can preset up to 50 bends and provides simplified programming. The control panel mounts on a swivel head to move to the optimum position for individual operators. An electronic encoder sets the degree of bend.

The unit requires a 115-V, single-phase power source. Quick-change tooling helps eliminate the need for hand tools. The open design makes operation possible from either side, and the mechanical bending station can change over from a right- to a left-hand bender when required.

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