Power transmission enhances tube, pipe bending

November 6, 2007

Soco's Direct Gear Transmission (DGT) technology for CNC tube and pipe bending machines, available in the U.S. through Advanced Fabricating Machinery, uses a system of power transmission from the electric servomotor to the bending shaft. According to the company, its power transfer is greater than 90 percent.

The direct gear system minimizes the distance between the electric servo and the bending shaft to help minimize power loss and keep high tolerances in the gear system. It uses a push-and-roll bending process to help minimize deviations and provide a stable, accurate bend through the entire process. The low noise level of this system meets regulatory sound-level requirements for many countries, the manufacturer reports.

The system is available on many Soco CNC tube bending machines—including three- to seven-axis models—with multistack, variable-radius, and centerline boosting options combined with an Industrial PC (IPC) interface and controls.

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