Press brake available in capacities from 38 to 110 tons

April 27, 2010

The RGM2 press brake from Amada America Inc. comes in capacities from 38 to 110 tons. Its backgauge is equipped with a pair of three-position gauge fingers (top, center, and down), and the front arm support system handles small and large parts. A work support table that attaches to the front arms provides height adjustment, gauging, and tool storage.

The frame uses an interlocking system for stability. The lower beam moves on preloaded bearing guide blocks instead of conventional friction guides to help hold the beam parallel and eliminate side play or uneven movement. The bearing guide block system is permanently self-lubricated and requires no ongoing maintenance.

Upward force along the lower beam is distributed so that deflection along the lower beam matches the deflection of the upper beam.

An AMNC-IS control with touchscreen allows input of all bending data, as well as access to machine features such as retracts and lower limit settings. It can store 99 steps of process data. Previous process conditions are recorded and can be recalled by entering the part name or material thickness.

When the user inputs the inner radius, the control calculates automatically the required bend force, feeding pitch, and appropriate number of steps. Inputting the flange length allows elongation to be calculated automatically. A memo function allows the operator to store instructions and tips. A USB port provides for data transfer onto a media device.

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