Press brake bending angle monitored in real time by laser

November 30, 2012

LVD Strippit offers the Easy-Form® 135/30 servo-controlled press brake, part of the PPEB series of press brakes with working lengths from 5 to 50 ft. and tonnages up to 3,000.

The machine features the company's Easy-Form Laser adaptive bending technology. The angle measurement device uses a laser to monitor the angle in real time during the bending process. It uses symmetrical measurement at the front and back of the die to determine the exact angle value of the workpiece. The system projects straight lines composed of multiple light points onto the workpiece and the vertical part of the die, providing a measurement calculation every 20 ms.

The sensing device transmits information in real time to the CNC, which processes it and subsequently recalculates the correct depth adjustment to obtain the correct angle. The bending process is not interrupted, and no production time is lost.

The press brake is available with a CADMAN® Touch control, which employs infrared touchscreen technology running on a Windows® XP embedded, PC-based control unit.

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