Press brake designed to eliminate bending axis misalignment

February 7, 2011

LA G has introduced the GBS internationally patented press brake.

The press brake has an extremely rigid structure to help eliminate bending axis misalignment and the need for a deflection compensation system. The top beam is fixed to side frames that slide on eight linear guides. This eliminates friction and allows constant precision during descent movement and precise positioning for the entire stroke, states the manufacturer.

The stroke and positioning of the Z1 and Z2 axes are equal to the bending length. The stroke of the top beam is modular, so the daylight of the press brake can be extended up to 39.37 in. on request. This also means that the machine's structure is free from encumbrances, allowing the bending of large, deep parts and simplified movement of the pieces.

The hydraulic group and electric cabinet can be isolated from the machine to eliminate further encumbrances and to reduce environmental noise.