Press brake features high-speed ram positioning

November 29, 2010

Press brake features high-speed ram positioning -

Bystronic's enhanced version of the Xpert press brake incorporates a high-speed ram-positioning system for reduced bending cycle times. The positioning system can reduce bend cycle times by 15 to 35 percent in reaching approach speeds of up to 600 IPM and bending speeds up to 47 IPM without sacrificing accuracy, the company states.

According to the manufacturer, the press brake introduces no angle errors itself, with a ram-positioning accuracy of 0.00015 in.

The machine is equipped with a database of compiled material bend allowances and empirical bending knowledge to allow operators to run the machine regardless of experience level. The open control makes it possible to change all calculations individually.

The press brake adjusts ram position and crowning during the bending process in response to material properties. With the touch of a button, the bending sequence and the positioning of the backstops are determined, the tool plan is created, and the process data is generated — all automatically.

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