Press brake monitoring system detects even small foreign bodies

February 9, 2010

Pilz offers the PSENvip camera-based protection system for visual monitoring of press brake bending processes.

When installed on the upper die of a press brake, the system detects even small foreign bodies in the protected field between the transmitter and receiver. It also records control data from the bending process.

The system's compact PSS control system monitors and evaluates safety-related control functions, as well as press, safety, and retaining valves for the slide.

BG- and TV-approved software and function blocks provide for common safety control and monitoring functions. The user just adds plant-specific parameters.

The integrated display enables the user to adapt the fields for box bending, backgauge mode, and tool change. Integrated overrun measurement eliminates the need for additional components such as cams. If the overrun is exceeded, the system is locked.